It was one of the main points of attraction of the second edition of the “Dubai Business Awards 2021” held last April in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: the iconic captain of the Ivory Coast Elephants and football icon African, Didier Drogba, was awarded the Prize for Best Actor in the Promotion of African Football.

“You have for several years worked tirelessly to bring African youth to take an interest in this sport and the values ​​it carries. A sport where strength and determination prepare for victory. And God knows how many victories you have won through hard work for the teams that were honored to be chosen by you. You made dream this African youth who will never forget you. We too underline your excellent journey and we ask you to continue this great momentum which could save the lives of children who dare to cross the Mediterranean in search of a better world “.

These words from Mrs Béatrice Zako, CEO of Bria Holding Canada, delegate of Fenitourci (National Federation of Tourism of Côte d’Ivoire) in Canada and co-organizer of the event reflect the appreciations of the jury who decided to ‘honor this living legend of African football, hoping that his cult of effort and excellence will serve as an example and a compass for African youth in search of models of success and ethics.

The lucky recipient, after thanking the organizers, reiterated his determination to be tirelessly involved with young people to lead them to believe in an Africa that wins, where success through hard work and perseverance is possible.

For Didier Drogba, the culture of the spirit of excellence and solidarity appears to be the best way for the development and emergence of Africa. A vision that the icon also promotes through its associative actions and its various charities aimed at the full development of young people.

At the Dubai Business Awards, three Ivorian economic operators were also distinguished. This is Ouattara Lacinan AL Hassan, founding president of the receptive hoteliers “Le Wharf Hôtel” and “International Hôtel” of Grand-Bassam, named “Best economic promoter” of Côte d’Ivoire, Michelle Piardon Bah, President and Founder of Ong Refa for the Prize for “Best Actress for the Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship” and Corinne Baguinoff Kadra, Managing Director of X-Clusiv’Media for the Prize for “Best Cultural Information Media”.

This second edition, held at the Crown Plazza Hotel Deira in Dubai, saw the participation of other personalities of the business world from other African countries and Africans in the diaspora in Asia, in Europe and America, but also from several Emirati businessmen and investors. They have signaled intentions for future investments in Côte d’Ivoire that will now be translated into action, and the event organizers have pledged to do so.

The next edition announced for next November will undoubtedly provide the opportunity to continue exchanges between economic promoters of the two countries with the aim of leading to concrete projects.

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