Africa Dubaï Business Awards


Crowne Plaza Hotel Deira, Dubai.


Crowne Plaza Hotel Deira, Dubai.


Join Us Don't miss a really opportunity to be reward Our objectif is to increase the visibility of African individuals and businesses internationally through our awards Learn more FOURTH EDITION AFRICA DUBAI BUSINESS AWARDS Learn More Networking is extremely important We know it, We do !


Increase the visibility of African individuals and businesses internationally through our awards, with the support of our print, audio-visual and digital marketing…

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APPROVAL: Dubai Business Awards is a very prestigious distinction; it is one of the biggest awards in Dubai for Africans and friends of Africa…

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The awards exist because we truly believe that businesses have a key role to play in tackling the major issues facing Africa, conflicts, poverty, immigration…

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Welcome to Africa Dubaï Business Award

Africa Dubai Business Awards is a celebratory ceremony for African businesses, organizations and individuals that takes place annually in Dubai. It is one of the flagship events in Africa, recognizing and rewarding excellence in all sectors. Any company in Africa, whether public, private or third sector, can participate, regardless of its size or sector of activity. Each award has a category range suitable for any organization that has successfully shown us its performance from large public and private companies to thriving entrepreneurial ventures, promising start-ups and established companies.


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  • Development of South-South business relations. This involves setting up a meeting platform between africans investors and entrepreneurs and the diaspora, so that large companies that are already successful can coach and help startups
  • Development of north-south business relations. This will consist in bringing in foreign investors to finance government projects and private companies by BOT or TP.
  • Negotiation of flexible investment terms. We will approach the various African governments to request facilitative measures for companies who want to make large investments (minimum ten million US dollars) in agriculture, health and industries
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  • CLASSIC PRICES: This is a prize that we award to all participants to increase the visibility of their company or their character on the continental and international level Anyone can participate in this award by paying the participation fee and providing us with the summary of their company’s business and the project they are seeking funding for.
  • THE GRAND PRIZES: This is a category of prize awarded to senior executives of public companies and local elected officials. These are prizes of excellence of very increased renown. Its particularity lies in the strong promotion of the image of personality.
  • GREAT PRICES : It’s an honorary award that we usually give to superstars, from political authorities to great entrepreneurs and investors. It is also intended for the cream of the cream among the various winners and internationally renowned personalities.
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FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONFor each category of Awards, a contribution is requested from participants. It is divided into different exclusive packages

CLASSIC PRICEexclusive package of 3300 euros covering the following charges:

One-month visa + return economy class ticket + 4 nights in a 5-star hotel including (breakfast + lunch + dinner) + a prize during the gala dinner + a business meeting + a tourist visit + an appearance in the Dubai Business Awards magazine (a magazine visible in all hotels in Dubai) + an interview.

GRAND PRIZE:exclusive package of 5000 euros covering the following charges:

visa + Business meeting + Grand Prize at the Gala Dinner + One page spread in ADBA magazine (1000 copies printed and delivered free of charge to all major hotels in Dubai) + Yacht dinner + TV interview (Business 24)

Participants residing in Dubaï or already in Dubai before the date of the event , will have to pay: 2000 EUROS

Each nomination is vetted by a panel of jurors made up of independent business executives depending on the category of the award. The jurors take into consideration the contribution of the manager or top manager in his company, particularly in the following areas: business success (turnover, employment, product innovation, etc.) innovative managerial practices (leadership, talent development, culture company…) to be a quality employer, the appropriate governance (ethics) according to the category social responsibility.
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In the presence of more than 500 people: business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, media representatives and spectators, the awards ceremony offers you a unique opportunity to network, exchange ideas, meet business and to succeed with the greatest business leaders of the African continent and elsewhere. It takes place annually at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Deira, Dubai.




On projects being funded

  • -ASSINIE MARINA(Côte d’Ivoire), Financing of the Construction of a modern city on 1000 hectares with a Mall, two 5-star hotels, a yacht station, a lagoon beach, a marine beach, a technological university, banks and luxury duplexes…).
  • – CONGO: Rehabilitation project of three aerodromes
  • – GABON:The establishment of an integrated management system for the port of Gabon
  • CÔTE D’IVOIRE: Securing and developing the autonomous port.



We provide companies wishing to present their products to the public with stands in line with your brands and your expectations.
The package is composed:
– Price: 3000 Euros
– A stand of more or less 10m2, at the entrance of the event room
– Appearance of your brand on our TV spots in Ivory Coast, Burkina and DRC
– appearance of your brand in our advertisements on social media
– Special interview with media partners


Registration deadline: Friday 20 May 2022

.all participants wishing to make a presentation (PowerPoint / videos..etc.)

Must send the file(s) 2 days before the event to the following addresses

NB. No presentation files without exception will be accepted on the day

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